High Fidelity Sound That Won’t Let You Down


Headphones are simply the best way to experience high quality sound reproduction without spending thousands of dollars setting up a state-of-the-art sound system.

For around a hundred bucks, you can enjoy acoustically accurate audiophile sound with one of my favorite pairs of headphones that I’ve been using for the last ten years. For another bill you can get the best in banging bass that DJ’s long for. Or, if you want absolute perfection in sound reproduction featuring ‘acoustic silk’ then read on.

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TDK puts the BOOM back into high quality audio with their new Life on Record audio gear.


TDK Two Speaker Boombox

At the pinnacle of BOOM is a sleek three-speaker Boombox with massive sound that the Beastie Boys recently used to blast Madison Square Gardens with their new album release of Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.

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There’s also an ultra cool two-speaker Boombox with a leather strap you can sling over your shoulder, a four-speaker 360 degree Sound Cube, a new state-of-the-art Turntable with USB connection, and a pair of super-sonic High Fidelity Headphones. At the core of it all, TDK delivers the warmth of analog sound into retro-hi-tech digital gear and a unique visual equalizer that brings every sound to life with its very own heartbeat.

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Fujifilm X100

Fujifilm X100 with Optional Lens Hood

Never have I seen a camera enter the market like the Fujifilm X100 with so many professional photographers drooling over the shiny body, sumptuous curves and brilliant intellect.

The Fujifilm Finepix X100 proves to be brains, with a newly developed hybrid viewfinder and large APS-C size sensor, beauty, seen in the retro rangefinder design, and brawn, most always described as solid and robust. Adding to this, limited production and availability have created a steadily intensifying allure.

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HTC Flyer Magic Pen

Finally, a tablet I’m excited about – the HTC Flyer aka Sprint Evo View 4G!

Having had an iPod touch, I could never really get excited about the iPad. It just seemed like the same thing but too big to carry in my pocket, quickly check my email, use maps or look up a quick webpage. My iPod touch was replaced with an HTC Hero that I continue to use, thoroughly enjoy and I’m very happy with. One thing about HTC that sets it apart is the fully customizable HTC Sense user interface and in the Flyer we also get the new Scribe Technology, 7 inch high-resolution touch-sensitive screen, very sleek attractive aluminum unibody design, front and back cameras, dual built-in stereo speakers and much, much, more.

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**PRICE ALERT – NOW ONLY $339 This is the international version that comes with pen and white leather case – I own this tablet – I love this tablet!!!

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In the search for the perfect compact audio solution, the Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers are a real find!

Excellent lifelike acoustic sound in an elegant, solid, compact package is what you get with the Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers.

Bose Computer MusicMonitor

When it comes to quality sound, I’m extremely demanding, in fact so demanding that years ago when I received the Bose Companion speakers that I had ordered online, after unpacking and listening to them, they were immediately repacked and returned. Why? I was unimpressed with the sound and the speakers were larger than I expected.

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Leica X1

Leica X1

High quality workmanship, manual controls at your fingertips and exceptional image quality all go into making the Leica X1 the coolest compact digital camera that still looks, feels and operates like a camera in a day when cameras, computers and telephones seem to be melting into a single device that no longer performs a simple task well. The Leica X1 is long overdue to become the best compact digital camera on the market today.

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