Bose Computer MusicMonitor Speakers

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In the search for the perfect compact audio solution, the Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers are a real find!

Excellent lifelike acoustic sound in an elegant, solid, compact package is what you get with the Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers.

Bose Computer MusicMonitor

When it comes to quality sound, I’m extremely demanding, in fact so demanding that years ago when I received the Bose Companion speakers that I had ordered online, after unpacking and listening to them, they were immediately repacked and returned. Why? I was unimpressed with the sound and the speakers were larger than I expected.

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However, this is not the case with the Bose Computer MusicMonitors, these are the speakers I was looking for all along. Thank you Amar Bose! I spend a lot of my time listening to music and if the sound isn’t clear and accurate, I’d honestly rather not listen at all. I travel a great deal and I mostly listen to music directly from my laptop, iPod or smartphone, all of which can be easily connected to the MusicMonitors. At home, they fit perfectly onto my cumbersome desk and produce enough clear and high quality sound to fill a rather large and airy space.

Better Sound Through Research

Amar Gopal Bose at MIT Dr. Amar Bose – In the late 1950s, Dr. Bose, then a graduate student, purchased a stereo system based on its impressive technical specifications. The avid music enthusiast was disappointed to discover the speakers didn’t reproduce the sound of a live performance–and he became determined to recreate that lifelike audio experience for listeners.

Better Sound Through Research is the slogan at Bose and I’ve done some research of my own in order to understand the technology that goes into these speakers. Bob Maresca, the President at Bose, says that this is the best product that Bose has ever made, furthermore, in terms of the MusicMonitor’s sound, size, and styling, are the iPhone of Bose products.

Bose is no stranger to producing small speakers. However, a large subwoofer always accompanies the small Bose speakers we typically see in a home surround sound entertainment system. So where has the subwoofer gone and how is the bass produced without a subwoofer?

The answer – dual opposing internal passive radiators – two radiators face each other and vibrate in opposite directions, as air is released from the narrow ports on the sides of each speaker, the deep bass we hear is created. Strategically located on the circuit board in the bottom of the right speaker, the Class-D switching amps contribute to producing powerful output. Neodymium transducers provide high magnetic field strength in the voice coil gap leading to high efficiency, fast response and significantly diminish high frequency distortion. Additionally, active electronic equalization balances low, mid and high frequencies to create natural tone and clarity.

Elegant Minimalist Design

The styling of the Bose Computer MusicMonitors is both minimalistic and elegant while being incredibly solid and durable. Functionally, the brushed aluminum cabinets withstand and conduct both high acoustic pressure and heat effectively and shield the speakers from monitor interference and damage to magnetic media.

The size is ideal for traveling and I carry them with me nearly everywhere I go. I simply wrap them with a soft cloth and drop them into my small messenger-style shoulder bag and off I go. I have the optional carrying case but find it a bit too bulky and inefficient for my minimalistic style of packing and traveling. My motto is “He who travels lighter, travels happier.”

Bose Computer MusicMonitor size

At home, the Bose MusicMonitors fit nicely onto my cumbersome desk, set nicely into the left and right rear corners behind my macbook and are powerful enough to fill a rather large and airy space with crisp, clear and accurate sound. Perhaps the next step, “Are you listening to my wishlist Amar Bose and Steve Jobs?” would be a MacBook with built-in Bose sound, “the MacinBose!”

Bose Computer Music Monitor


  • Lifelike performance well beyond speaker size helps you free up valuable desktop space.
  • Elegant compact speakers finished in brushed aluminum complement any laptop, PC and workspace.
  • Power and volume controls located both on handy remote and right computer speaker.
  • High output from small speakers featuring thin but powerful neodymium transducers with 10 times the magnetic energy density of conventional speaker magnets.
  • One cable connection to computer or auxiliary sources makes for quick and easy set-up.
  • Proprietary acoustic design features dual internal opposing passive radiators for unusually deep, powerful low tones from a very small multimedia speaker system.
  • Proprietary amplifiers are smaller, lighter and more efficient than traditional linear amplifiers to help keep speakers small yet powerful.
  • Active electronic equalization balances low, mid and high frequencies for more natural tone and clarity.
  • Magnetically shielded speakers prevent monitor interference or damage to magnetic media.


The only complaint people seem to have about the MusicMonitor’s is the price. However, they are now selling at Amazon for 25% off of the original price.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing speaker for this size
  • Best sound you can get from such tiny boxes
  • Wonderful Little Speakers
  • Nice sound, excellent design!
  • Perfect for my needs
  • Best Computer Speaker I’ve ever owned
  • Absolutely Love Them


Perfect Compact Acoustic Audio

If you’re looking for quality sound in a small package, the Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers are for you. There is no longer a need for expensive and complicated receivers, amplifiers, or CD players. Play your music directly from your computer, ipod, tablet, or smartphone with powerful, realistic and accurate results. Enjoy the sound of years of research and development by Bose in your home, office, or on the go!

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