HTC Flyer aka Sprint Evo View 4G

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HTC Flyer Magic Pen

Finally, a tablet I’m excited about – the HTC Flyer aka Sprint Evo View 4G!

Having had an iPod touch, I could never really get excited about the iPad. It just seemed like the same thing but too big to carry in my pocket, quickly check my email, use maps or look up a quick webpage. My iPod touch was replaced with an HTC Hero that I continue to use, thoroughly enjoy and I’m very happy with. One thing about HTC that sets it apart is the fully customizable HTC Sense user interface and in the Flyer we also get the new Scribe Technology, 7 inch high-resolution touch-sensitive screen, very sleek attractive aluminum unibody design, front and back cameras, dual built-in stereo speakers and much, much, more.

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HTC Flyer

The Flyer just makes Sense!

HTC Sense is a holistic experience that is focused on improving how people live and communicate. HTC Sense is built upon three fundamental principles – make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected. With HTC Sense, you basically have seven customizable screens as the “desktop” of your device that are navigated by finger swiping left and right. The screens are entirely customizable so you can add anything you want, widgets, shortcuts and programs, where you want. The main screen is at the center and there are three screens to left and right. At the bottom, phone, all programs and add to home buttons remain on every screen for quick access.

Just to give you an idea, I’ll explain how I’ve customized mine. On the main screen I have the HTC analog clock and weather widget along with shortcuts to messages, mail, internet and camera. On the first screen to the right, my favorite contacts with profile pictures, wifi, mobile data, bluetooth and sound and display shortcuts, on the second page a calendar and on the third page to the right I have a to do list widget. To the left, HTC’s music player, and more shortcuts to social networking, frequently used programs and the Android Marketplace, on the next page a text message widget and on the third page to the left, weather for five locations.

I love it – it’s fun, fast and very user friendly!

Magic Pen and Scribe Technology

HTC Flyer Magic Pen and Scribe Technology

I’m a note taker and I take notes anywhere and everywhere. Whenever an idea or something I need to remember pops into my head, I like to jot it down. I take notes on my Hero, I use TextEdit on my MacBook and I have a spiral notebook with a pen at my side. What I love about the Flyer is that it can be a digital spiral notebook actually containing thousands of pages of notes organized any way I want that I can access at any time on the fly. Notes can be written anywhere, on a webpage, a document, or a photo. In essence, if you can see it, you can write on it. With the magic pen, you can paint, draw, sign documents, write anywhere and even retouch photos. You can even take notes during a meeting while recording the audio and simply play back the audio by selecting the notes you took at that moment….cool!


The HTC Flyer is the perfect size to hold in one hand and write, read, browse and create with the other. The display on the Flyer is a 7 inch, 1024 X 600 resolution, touch-sensitive screen encased into a sleek aluminum unibody frame and weighs less than an average paperback book. For ebooks, it’s perfect because the size is comparable to a book rather than a magazine. Like with a novel, you can sit back, relax, flip through the pages, and read it like you read an actual paperback book. However, with the Flyer, you can have hundreds of books in one hand, only a touch away. A reading lamp is no longer important as the book lights itself and it’s especially ideal for people like me who enjoy soft lighting in their homes or love to read when traveling.

Aside from HTC Sense and the new Scribe Technology, the HTC Flyer has everything and more that you expect to find in a tablet.

HTC Flyer on the web

Browsing the web is a breeze – fun, fast, easy and complete with the latest Abobe Flash and HTML5 support. As more and more websites are Flash based or use Flash in one way or another, it’s amazing to me that there are other tablets on the market that don’t support Flash. Pay attention to this when your shopping for a tablet so that you don’t run into ‘player not supported’ messages down the road.

HTC Flyer Watch Movies

Rich media playback – Movies are joy to watch on the Flyer and with the new HTC Watch, you can select from a movie library full of Hollywood’s latest and hottest movies. Just pick the movie you want to see and it will start playing moments into the download.

HTC Flyer Cameras

Both front and rear facing cameras – The Flyer has dual cameras, the front facing 1.3 megapixel camera is perfect for video chat and self portraits while the 5 megapixel camera on the back is great for capturing life’s moments as both a still camera and a camcorder. With a 7-inch viewfinder, you won’t be squinting to perfect your composition and framing.

Stereo sound – The audio on the Flyer is also a cut above the rest with dual stereo speakers and SRS WOW HD surround sound bringing out more detail in everything you’re listening to. Listen to your music or movies through the built-in stereo speakers, your favorite headphones or favorite computer speakers. My personal faves – the Bose Computer MusicMonitors Speakers and Bose Triport Headphones.


  • CPU speed – 1.5 GHz
  • Storage – Internal storage: 32 GB
  • Expansion slot – microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
  • Connectors 0 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, Standard micro-USB (12-pin micro-USB 2.0)
  • Sensors – Ambient light sensor, G-Sensor, Digital compass, Multimedia
  • Audio supported formats – Playback: .aac, .amr, .ogg, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .wav, .wma (Windows Media Audio 9), Recording – .amr, .aac
  • Video supported formats – Playback – .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media Video 9), .avi (MP4 ASP and MP3), .xvid (MP4 ASP and MP3), Recording: .3gp
  • Platform – Android with HTC Sense
  • Camera – 5 megapixel color camera with auto focus, 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • Network – HSPA/WCDMA – Europe/Asia: 900/AWS/2100 MHz, Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (For 3G version of HTC Flyer only)
  • Internet – Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP for wireless stereo headsets
  • GPS – Internal GPS antenna

A Tablet Like No Other

HTC Flyer Create

The HTC Flyer aka Sprint EVO View 4G is the most well thought out tablet entering the market today and the Scribe Technology completes what a tablet was meant to be in the first place. Perfect size, sleek and elegant design, optimal web browsing, personalization and advanced features all go into making this a tool and an experience that revolves around you. Whether you’re a business person, a creative person, a student, or all of those, the Flyer could be the key to your productivity and highly entertaining to boot.

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