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TDK puts the BOOM back into high quality audio with their new Life on Record audio gear.


TDK Two Speaker Boombox

At the pinnacle of BOOM is a sleek three-speaker Boombox with massive sound that the Beastie Boys recently used to blast Madison Square Gardens with their new album release of Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.

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There’s also an ultra cool two-speaker Boombox with a leather strap you can sling over your shoulder, a four-speaker 360 degree Sound Cube, a new state-of-the-art Turntable with USB connection, and a pair of super-sonic High Fidelity Headphones. At the core of it all, TDK delivers the warmth of analog sound into retro-hi-tech digital gear and a unique visual equalizer that brings every sound to life with its very own heartbeat.

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