The BOOMBOX is Back! – TDK Reinvents Boomboxes, Turntables and Headphones with a Heart

June 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

TDK puts the BOOM back into high quality audio with their new Life on Record audio gear.


TDK Two Speaker Boombox

At the pinnacle of BOOM is a sleek three-speaker Boombox with massive sound that the Beastie Boys recently used to blast Madison Square Gardens with their new album release of Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.

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There’s also an ultra cool two-speaker Boombox with a leather strap you can sling over your shoulder, a four-speaker 360 degree Sound Cube, a new state-of-the-art Turntable with USB connection, and a pair of super-sonic High Fidelity Headphones. At the core of it all, TDK delivers the warmth of analog sound into retro-hi-tech digital gear and a unique visual equalizer that brings every sound to life with its very own heartbeat.

Beastie Boys Make Some Noise with the New TDK 3 Speaker Boombox

Star of the show… is it the Beastie Boys or the throbbing subwoofer of the TDK Boombox?

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM – TDK Boomboxes

The TDK Three Speaker Boombox is as appealing to the eye as it is to the ear. The overall look is retro, modern, shiny, and sleek while the sound coming from the 6-inch speakers and subwoofer is BOOMIN’! And when I say BOOMIN’, I mean BOOMIN’ with high quality, crystal clear and accurate, pure audiophile sound. While this boombox may bare a resemblance to big boomboxes of the past, the sound and technology inside are nothing less than state-of-the-art.

TDK Three Speaker Boombox

The cassette tape deck has been replaced with a USB connection for USB stick, external hard drive or direct connection to iPhone or iPod with an included 30 pin cable that will also charge the device. Rather than having an iPod dock on the front, the TDK Boombox has an embedded tray on the top to place you iPod, iPhone or portable hard drive. The TDK Boomboxes also have RCA and 3.5 millimeter inputs, so the options for input are endless. There is even an auxiliary audio jack for connecting an instrument or mic to add into the mix. And yes, the TDK Boombox also has an AM/FM radio receiver with five presets for your favorite stations.

TDK Boombox

Crank up the volume with the retro-style aluminum rotary knob on the left. With the knob on the right, adjust bass and treble, navigate your track collection or tune into your favorite radio station. The touch sensitive input choices illuminate the slick front panel below the left display. The color LED display on the right shows bass and treble adjustment, menu browsing, and the super-cool visual equalizer.

With the option of powering the TDK Boomboxes and Sound Cube either by plugging in with the AC power supply or by D size batteries, the party never has to end with the TDK Boomboxes!

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BOOM, BOOM – TDK Two-Speaker Boombox


TDK Two Speaker Boombox

The TDK Two-Speaker Boombox also boasts a lot of BOOM with high quality, high fidelity, detailed, accurate sound. It has all the same features as the three-speaker version, even the subwoofer has been integrated into the back, but in a more portable package that sports a cool leather strap, so you can sling it over you shoulder and take the party with you wherever you go.

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4 Corners of BOOM – The TDK Sound Cube

TDK Sound Cube

Ideal for filling your room with boom, the TDK Sound Cube sends your sounds four ways bouncing off the walls to keep you bouncing to your beats. The Sound Cube has all of the same features as the Boomboxes minus the AM radio.

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Analog Goes Digital – TDK USB Belt Drive Turntable

TDK USB Turntable

Sleek and modern, the new TDK USB Belt Drive Turntable delivers pure listening pleasure with the warmth of analog sound and digital clarity. The turntable produces the best high-fidelity sound possible with a unique floating design that isolates the platter and the diamond tipped needle from any external vibrations. Playback speeds of 33 ½ and 45 RPM are kept consistent by an integrated optical feedback circuit. There is even a USB output for flawlessly sending your vinyl to your computer for recording and converting to MP3 files if desired. Cakewalk software is included for Windows, and for Mac users, a free download of Audacity is recommended for recording and converting your record collection into digital. Audacity is an excellent, easy to use and free software for recording external sounds onto you computer. There is even an integrated pre-amp so you can connect the TDK Turntable directly to your speakers or TDK Boombox. Beautiful to look at but even better to hear, the TDK Turntable also features the visual equalizer, “heartbeat” display.

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Super Sonic Sound – TDK ST800 High Fidelity Headphones

TDK ST800 High Fidelity Headphones

The TDK ST800 High Fidelity Headphones are pure headphone luxury delivering the highest quality, rich and detailed audiophile sound. With an adjustable in-line visual equalizer, customizing, optimizing and perfecting your sound is at your fingertips. Leather trim and metal detailing make the TDK ST800 Headphones the most attractive looking headphones I’ve ever seen and the sound quality is even better with large 50 millimeter drivers. Even the four-foot cable looks nicer and different from other headphones plus they give you a twelve-foot extender so you can freely move about without ever having to stop the music. The multi-directional ear cups contribute to absolute comfort and a perfect fit.

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TDK Life on Record

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

Ultra-sleek, warm, retro and modern all at the same time, TDK’s Life on Record high quality audio gear perfectly suits audiophiles, musicians, DJs and anyone who treasures high quality sound and innovative features and design. With such cool looks and boomin’ sound, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of the TDK Boomboxes and High Fidelity Headphones on MTV and in all sorts of videos being danced along with and grooved to. TDK has put the heart, the boom and the life into their Life on Record gear for anyone and everyone to look, listen and enjoy what a high quality audio experience is all about.



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